Be Fitasticâ„¢ - Giving Corporate India the Fitness Edge.

With ever increasing workforce, corporate India is also seeing a steady increase in health care costs and benefit claims. Poor employee health owing to sedentary lifestyle and long working hours is also directly proportional to lower productivity levels and higher rates of employee dissatisfaction. It is being widely accepted by corporations that there is a significant link between prevention and investing in the health of their staff.
Risk factors such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle, high work pressure, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are manifesting in chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cancer and cardiac ailments.

Health and wellness to employees can be delivered in various ways such as email, in-house initiatives, face to face consultations and fitness and exercise. We are multi-dimensional and there is no one solution to employee wellness, rather an insight into a solution that promotes health and lowers staff costs and also what works for your people and your company.

We at Be Fitasticâ„¢ understand these issues at the grass root level and provide an in-depth understanding towards addressing the perils / issues of the modern day lifestyle. Few features of our holistic employee health programs are:

  • Employee Fitness Assessment
  • Corporate Fitness Training
  • Preventive Diagnosis
  • Nutritional Awareness
  • Onsite Fitness Modules
  • Offsite fitness modules
  • Posture Analysis
  • Corporate Gym Set Up - Consultation and equipment procurement


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