Why Fitness Assessment?

Before you embark on your fitness journey, it is imperative that we know the level of fitness your body is currently at. Knowing the specifics can assist you and your trainer in

  • Setting realistic fitness goals
  • Identify possible health or injury risks
  • Assess current fitness level
  • Identify appropriate training options
  • Track your progress and maintain your motivation.

Be Fitasticâ„¢ utilizes state of the art body composition analyzers and fitness assessment tools and tests. Fitness tests are recommended and regularly updated by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), USA. The assessment includes:

  • Health history and medical screening

A brief medical history of the client and doctors affirmation

  • Body composition

Estimating body composition (muscle, bone and fat) and body fat levels

  • Cardiovascular endurance

This test measures the efficiency of your heart and lungs working together to supply oxygen and energy to the body during physical activity

  • Strength and Muscular Endurance

This test measures the amount of force a particular muscle group can produce and how long can it contract before fatigue sets in. This test lets your trainer compare your fitness progress over time and determine any areas of specific muscle weakness or imbalance.

  • Flexibility Testing

Testing a particular joint through its complete range of motion, aids in assessing muscle weakness, injury and imbalances.

Note: All fitness tests conducted as per the code prescribed by National Academy of Sports Medicine.
Disclaimer: Fitness tests and assessment presented by NASM is not intended to replace a medical examination


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